An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Organic and Bio products manufacturing and distribution company that promotes eco-friendly agriculture farming practices. It was founded in the year 2012 when the need for the transformation from inorganic chemicals and fertilizers had started. The requirement for organic and biological based farm inputs and plant protection substances have just begun.

The journey had begun when the industry was not in a position to cater the needs of the farming community to meet production demands. The firm had a 4 member team at the time of foundation and has gradually grown to a 30 member team in 2017-18.

The firm is serving more than 10K farmers through its 150 plus channel partners spread out in 10 districts in western and central Tamil Nadu. Currently it has about 45 products under 8 categories such as organic nutrition, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, bio fungicides, plant growth regulators, soil conditioners, Nano tech products and organic adjuvants and spreaders. Raven is instrumental in supporting around 300 plus organic farmers. The team is striving to be a superior quality bio inputs company in this region and planning its expansion to leapfrog to reach out South Indian farming base

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