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A Sustainable Agriculture Ecosystem Consisting of Urban Farming, Horticulture Plantations and Forestry Pastures in Tanjore

An integrated farming system, taking into account the components of sustainability and balancing the ecosystem is the need of the hour. With the right intentions and right resources, pooling of land of around 90 acres, for the purpose of initiating a mini model farm dwelling unit with horticulture, agriculture and forestry is in process since June 2022.

The dynamic team is keen on feasibility analysis and proposition of the recommendations required to create facilities for farming communities along with the right infrastructure analysis for primary and secondary Good Agricultural Practices and Good Management Practices operations.

The proposal is aimed to pool funds for the purpose of undertaking production, management, processing, marketing activities for successful establishment of the min model farm dwelling unit in Budalur Block, Pudukudi Village of Tanjore District, in Tamil Nadu

Everyday Mushroom Consumption for a Healthy Diet Begins at Community Level

Mushroom is an inevitable diet food that is liked by everyone at par age. This initiative taken by a construction engineering expert with his wide array of knowledge in production, processing and value addition is indeed a  recommended need of the society at large in Hosur, Dharmapuri.

The right information, data points are being accessed for preparation of detailed project reports, pitch deck presentations, and other fund pooling purposes. The ultimate aim is to familiarize the right production system with the right infrastructure suitable for the operations with land resource allocation purposes, which is visioned at raising funds for the projects at various levels from Banks or Non-Banking Financial Corporations.

Epitome of a pioneering Farmer Produce Company in Paddy Seed Production

This FPO which has its business operations based in Erode, was set up in 2018 and has resourceful background in Paddy production and approached us seeking a solution for setting up an enterprising Paddy Seed Production Unit and the technical services for the farmers.

With our diversified knowledge partners, we have laid down the implementation strategy and efficiently marketed the progressive Paddy Seeds to the potential buyers. Successfully, the project was implemented with organic certification services and lab services that are essential for carrying out necessary soil and water tests for our production and in and around farm fields across the taluk.

Around 570 MT of produce has been successfully produced and marketed across different Paddy markets. This FPO is one among the top list in terms of qualitative Paddy seed cultivation.

Anecdote of a Chennai based Wholesale Supplier of Carrots, as a Recognized Brand

Although there are a lot of fruits and vegetables  sellers across TamilNadu, this 35 years experienced wholesale supplier was highly passionate to strengthen his sourcing base through backward integration to get the better rates and product consistently and in turn to serve his customers. 

Since we had linkage with a large number of FPOs, we have initiated to tie up with an FPO, who has initiated to lease 20 acres for captive production and plans to establish a primary processing unit for Carrot. Have worked on the business proposal to get the financial assistance for the business activity. 

With the integration, huge quantities of Carrots will be produced and  processed on a daily basis and efficiently marketed in the domestic  markets with high pricing. This  has benefitted all its stakeholders with post harvest management setups.

Flash Epitome of an Import -Exporter of F&V as a corporate brand

This F&V enterprising proprietor has set up his own brand identity within 4 years of his start up by importing exotic fruits  and markets across India especially in Chennai and Mumbai along with exports to Middle east and other asian countries. 

MKATS has assisted in right identification of financial assistance from a NBFC with submission of right business proposal for setting up of post harvest processing and packing units. In addition, potential buylead integration with respective FPOs in TamilNadu has been done for market linkage activities.

In metro and urban cities across India, the imported F&V is gaining momentum in the super and hypermarkets with right pricing for attracting the Indian consumers and the proprietor has gained market capitalization in a few years of his Entrepreneur journey.

Discovery of Business Feasibility in Beta Carotene extraction from Carrot for Emerging F&V Proprietor

The fruits and vegetables seller has been importing different types of good quality fruits and  dealing with vegetables and has been in the marketing of the various products across India. 

The energetic team has approached us for research of the potential of beta carotene market, viability of its extraction from carrots of 3rd and 4th grades. MKATS has identified various sources of extraction of beta carotene, the machinery required for implementation of the project and the scope of utilization of secondary grade carrots along with market potential of beta carotene. With our expertise team, we have analysed real time ground surveys and the conclusions of the research has been drafted as a proposal and submitted to the company for making their own decision for investment.

Strategic Planning for FPOs to emerge as Corporate Brands

In general MKATS, with the right team expertise, has assisted many FPOs  across TamilNadu, for setting up of value addition and primary processing units with submission of suitable detailed project reports for accessing funds from Central and State Government subsidy, grants and bank loans.

Potential market buy leads have been identified and the respective backward and forward integration has been done to mutually benefit all the stakeholders of the respective projects. 

Also organic certification essentials and the entire process of certifications are successfully associated with the right agencies for better production practices.

The entire machinery recommendation for implementation of turnkey projects for the respective product are identified and proposed in the business proposal, on the go for emerging as a corporate brand with our right professional team’s expertise.

Ingenious Development of Disruption Dairy Value Chain for a start up Diary Company Serving in Maharashtra

A leading  dairy company has started a new business venture producing Total Mixed Ration. It  had approached us for a business plan and detailed project report preparation for setting up a Breed Multiplication Farm with the right production and nutrient management strategies for increasing TMR  sales in order to increase milk production in the region.

Also to facilitate the ease of availing infrastructure services for the farmers in the surrounding areas at village level for improved animal husbandry and  dairy practices. 

The proposal has been prepared and submitted with the respective authorities. Helped to work out the  business model and its feasibility is lucrative and beneficial to the small and marginal dairy farmers in Maharashtra.