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Our goal is to save our clients time and money by doing a combination of research studies, calculations and simulations, and report writing. We will utilize our expertise, knowledge, skill set and the Affiliate Network which will be very important for the success of Project Management Consultancy (PMC). We have access to and experience with top experts in the field of Agri Business network. Some of the potential members of the network includes:

  • Finance industry experts
  • IT and ICT industry experts
  • Corporates across the businesses
  • Food processing Experts from Industry 
  • Regulations and Statutory support

Strategic Partners

MKATS is working with the key strategic partners who have  robust knowledge and vast experience in project management, business administration, financial operations and marketing. We have collaborated to create a comprehensive engagement and strategic partnership model to achieve the common objectives.

  • Backward linkages for companies who are interested in to connect with production base
  • Forward linkages for farmers and FPOs who are interested to connect with buyers
  • Project Management consultancy services from ideation to implementation as turn key and as advisory consultancy
  • Building the value chains with end to end approach with critical interventions and innovative technologies
  • Market study and research services to support business activities of the clients

S Konnect Agrow

S Konnect Agrow is an innovative start-up venture that focuses on Natural & Organic Agriculture Produces and its Post-Harvest Value addition.

The business of S Konnect mapped out from consolidation of opportunities and human capabilities knitted together with the aim to achieve Sustainable growth and Healthcare to mankind.

It drives its core business model through development of demand driven markets for Agriculture Produces and its value added Products. Its fundamental strength comes from the market and ability to consolidate trade volumes that shall enable risk limited cultivation of Produce and processing.
Moringa is the first supply chain brand promoted by S Konnect. It offers a wide range of Moringa products starting from Organic raw powder to Value added healthcare formulations. S Konnect ensures the supply chain excellence for a sustainable competitive advantage by backward linking the Contract Farms for supply of its raw materials.

We strongly believe in adding value to the Agriculture produces through proper Post-Harvest Processing and packaging. To realize this objective we do have the strategic business of Post-harvest value addition through Turn key Projects consultation and supply of Post-harvest machinery.

Youventus Consulting

Youventus Consulting to handle the market research, study, digital marketing, social media campaigning and BTL activities.

 Youventus gives us an edge to handle the projects to support the clients for their brand building exercise with a 360 degree approach. We are overwhelmed in presenting our joint efforts to delight our clientele and cascading the similar effect to their customers. We enjoy our symbiotic relationship and synergize the skills to serve better.

Youventus Consulting is helping the clients to leverage the most out of this dynamic and ever-evolving medium. Right from conceptualizing your social media strategy to developing content, identifying the right social media platforms, building user base, developing engaging content, creating viral campaigns, monitoring conversations and promoting the marketing messages, Youventus can be a single source for anything on social media marketing. It is serving more than 40 clients with its strong 30 member team.

“It’s a proven fact that social media can change the way they do business forever. The world’s biggest brands have come to terms with the power of user generated content through various online mediums including web portals, blogs, social networking channels, microblogging, RSS feeds, video sharing, mobile apps and more.”

Land Coordinates Technology (LCT)

Land Coordinates Technology (LCT) is a potential firm of the Industry. LCT team is composed of well qualified engineers.

Working towards enlightening the young minds, the value and purpose of the emerging technologies in the Civil, Geomatics and Geospatial field. We work on basics to the advanced technology that suits every industrial domain. The services division of LCT spreads its services of, GIS, Photogrammetry, Drone/UAV Survey, LiDAR Scanning and processing and Civil Surveys to many esteemed organizations.

LCT has well established infrastructure to outsource work with good quality. Our services include certified training courses, projects, sales, service and calibration.

We both collaborate to create a comprehensive engagement and strategic partnership to work in the following areas,

  1. Farm Land Surveying
  2. GIS mapping
  3. GPRS Surveying
  4. UAV / Drone Surveying
  5. Photogrammetry
  6. LiDAR Data Production
  7. Farm designing and development

Agrismart Agri Clinic and Agri-Business Center

AGRISMART is inclined to create a new agri-business through organized farming and increase the profitability to farmers by enhancing the yield levels.

Specialized in  contract farming models and providing farm solutions with a complete package of production and post harvest management services. Working in retail business, hybrid seed production, state marketing activities and venture farming. AGRISMART have worked along with multinationals to develop the value chain of Gherkins and Marigold in Tamil Nadu. AGRISMART is implementing HAVEE model of farm business operations by enlightening the agri business investors with innovative high tech cultivation technologies. Hand holding and supporting the aspiring farmers through Build Operate Transfer (BOT) and BOOT business models. Key focus is on development of self sustained agribusiness farm mode, food processing infrastructure, Protected cultivation and other agri & Horti enterprises. Offering various services such as Detailed Project Report preparation, feasibility study, turkey projects, facilitation to get the subsidy and grants from the government agencies such as NHB and MOFPI.

MKATS and AGRISMART  jointly provide solutions to clients on the following aspects.

  1. Project Management consultancy services from ideation to implementation as turn key, Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) and advisory consultancy
  2. Building the value chains with end to end approach with critical interventions and innovative technologies
  3. Market study and research services to support business activities of the clients

AISL Technologies

Technology Evangelists, Business Strategists, Micro Economy Transformers

AISL technologies are technology Evangelists, Business Strategists, Micro Economy Transformers who are experienced in building population scale systems touching millions of lives and transforming their access to
information & ease of doing business. With technology, AISL thrives to transform and amplify the collaboration across all 4 Internet ecosystems such as Consumer, Business, Service Providers and Government.