No Food Waste is an organisation which aims to redistribute excess food from weddings, parties, events to those who are hungry.

The idea took root in Coimbatore, where we started with 2 Shopper Bags and a volunteer to collect the surplus food and deliver to the homeless through the Public Transportation System from October 16th, 2014. No Food Waste took an oath on that day to stop food waste and satisfy the hunger of many, in a quest to make the “World Hunger Free.”

No Food Waste team had picked and distributed food 96% times, provided food to a million hungry people, saved nearly 321 tonnes of food, which amounts to nearly Rs 4.87 crores.

No Food Waste works alongside Governments, Corporates with Social Responsibility on their minds, other partners and Volunteers to create a local chapter of excess food collection institutions, which will be spread across various cities, addressing the two major challenges – namely urban and environmental, following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

No Food Waste aims to bring benefits across the spectrum of society and help provide access to food to those who don’t have adequate means to access it.

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