ESCULENT AGSOLUTIONS Pvt Ltd is an innovative start-up venture that focuses on Natural & Organic Agriculture Produces and its Post-Harvest Value addition. The business of ESCULENT mapped out from consolidation of opportunities and human capabilities knitted together with the aim to achieve Sustainable growth and Healthcare to mankind.

It drives its core business model through development of demand driven markets for Agriculture Produces and its value added Products. Its fundamental strength comes from the market and ability to consolidate trade volumes that shall enable risk limited cultivation of Produce and processing.
Moringa is the first supply chain brand promoted by ESCULENT. It offers a wide range of Moringa products starting from Organic raw powder to Value added healthcare formulations. ESCULENT ensures the supply chain excellence for a sustainable competitive advantage by backward linking the Contract Farms for supply of its raw materials.

We strongly believe in adding value to the Agriculture produces through proper Post-Harvest Processing and packaging. To realise this objective we do have the strategic business of Post-harvest value addition through Turn key Projects consultation and supply of Post-harvest machinery